Data & Network Security

As the workplace increasingly becomes more networked, security threats, such as computer viruses, internet worms, intrusion attempts, data theft and corruption are a concern for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Our layered adaptive approach to data security allows the network to protect, detect, and respond to threats to your network. These integrated security solutions allow you to take preemptive action to build a cost-effective method of ensuring your business runs smoothly, your customers remain happy, and your data remains secure.

Wasatch Communications network solution provides a logical adaptive platform offering advanced security services, improving the value of your security investment over time. A properly designed security solution will improve detection, lower operating costs, streamline administration, and give the flexibility to integrate new security technologies as they emerge.

One of our security specialists can assist you in designing a solution tailored for your business, transforming systems from operating as separate technologies in a reactive mode to one that functions as a coordinated, proactive threat defense system that adapts to your changing business environment.