Structured Cabling

Cabling is the basic foundation on which all other network equipment depends.
A high-performance network is the lifeline for most businesses and all data centers. Whether it’s voice, data, video, or security, the quality and speed can be no better than the cabling. Wasatch Communications can help plan, design, and install structured cabling to ensure the entire network is complete.

Routing & Switching
Wasatch Communications can plan and implement an organized routing and switching network that delivers a high-performance, scalable, reliable, organized, and secure network that is easy to manage and operate. Whether you have 5 employees or 500, your network is your company’s communications hub, a customer relationship tool, and a productivity tool, providing both internal and external connectivity.

Wasatch Communications has the knowledge and expertise to facilitate the merging of your voice and data systems into one seamless network. By combining your voice and data networks through converged technology, you can realize significant cost savings while keeping your company, customers and employees connected.

Wireless / WiFi
Wireless or WiFi technology provides a degree of flexibility in the work environment that cannot be achieved with conventional, wired connections. Through the use of wireless local-area networks (WLAN), companies can take advantage of portable and handheld devices to manage inventory, connect employees – including Voice over IP, and deliver a host of information from anywhere within the wireless area network. Wireless technology also allows companies to expand in a campus environment and remain connected without the expense of running hard line from one building to the next. Wasatch Communications can offer your company a range of Wi-Fi mobility and connectivity options.